Where Can I Buy Ticketmaster Gift Cards In Person?

If you are thinking about gifting someone with a Ticketmaster gift card, you may ask, “Where can I buy Ticketmaster gift cards in person?”.

Indeed, sending gift cards to your near and dear ones can often prove challenging. However, it will help to keep certain things in mind while deciding on the best gift card. That includes your budget and the recipient’s preferences.

Surprising a friend or family member with a Ticketmaster gift card is a wonderful idea. Although you can buy these gift cards, known as e-cards, from the Ticketmaster website, you can also get them in person.

In addition, there are several stores where you can find Ticketmaster plastic gift cards, such as Ticketmaster, Giant Eagle, and Publix.

What Is Ticketmaster?

Ticketmaster started business on October 2nd, 1976. This American company is headquartered in California, but it conducts business in several countries. 

It is a ticket distribution and sales company that allows clients to sell tickets to their shows and events. To do so, Ticketmaster charges the client a nominal fee against the total value of the tickets sold. If you can’t see the option to sell your tickets then your account probably has an issue that needs resolving.

Customers can then purchase tickets for anything from sporting events and concerts to exhibitions and conferences. You must register as a Verified Fan to buy tickets on Ticketmaster.

Where Can I Buy Ticketmaster Gift Cards In Person?

Have you been wondering: Where can I buy Ticketmaster gift cards in person? Ticketmaster has a wide range of gift cards, categorized as e-cards and physical cards.

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Although the e-cards are available on the Ticketmaster website, a few stores sell physical gift cards. These include Publix, Giant Eagle, and Ticketmaster themselves.

Those registered as Verified Fans can purchase the e-cards online and send them directly to the recipient. You don’t need to be a Verified Fan to purchase a physical gift card.


You can gift a Ticketmaster gift card to your near and dear ones on their special day. And you can purchase gift cards from stores, including Giant Eagle, Ticketmaster, and Publix.

You need not be a registered member to buy the physical gift cards. With this information in hand, you should know the answer to the question, “Where Can I Buy Ticketmaster Gift Cards in Person?”.

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